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    Jamie JonesJamie Jones

    RS Double XP Live event is returning soon this summer! Players will have a chance to enjoy 48 hours of double XP boost during this RS Double XP event.

    RS Double XP Live Returning in August

    According to the latest official news post, RS Double XP Live event is returning in August. From 12:00 (game time) on August 7th to 12:00 (game time) on August 17th, you are able to enjoy a 48 hours of double XP gain when playing the game. During 10 whole days, members can enjoy a 100% XP bonus, while free-to-play players can enjoy 20%.

    Restrictions of RS3 Double XP Live

    Archaeology still remains exempt from DXP frolics until October, which means experience gained through Archaeology skill cannot enjoy the bonus. Here you could learn other restrictions of RS Double XP live:
    1. The boost is not applied to the experience earned through the following items or activities:
    Assist system
    XP lamps
    Tomes of experience
    Brawling gloves
    Player-owned house altars
    Wilderness Chaos altar
    Dragon rider amulet
    Dungeoneering wildcards
    Sacred clay
    Ancient effigies
    2. The boost is not applied to XP rewards given on hand-in for the following activities:
    Daily Challenges
    Jade Vine
    Other Distractions & Diversions
    Strange and golden rocks
    Harvesting animal produce from Player-Owned Farms
    3. The boost is not applied to XP awarded on hand-in of points or tokens.
    4. There are some differences in the Invention skill. For example, the item XP is gained at +50%.

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