Featured News - COVID-19 UPDATES

PA Temporary and Emergency Staff Update

Perfusionists A temporary waiver was granted allowing a six-month extension of all Temporary Graduate Perfusionist Licenses. Additionally, a temporary waiver was granted regarding the limitation that temporary emergency perfusionists can only provide services once during a 72-hour period. For the length of the COVID-19 Disaster Declaration, they can provide these services an unlimited number of…
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PA State Information on Out of State and Retiree Perfusionists

The Department of State has implemented a process to allow some retired healthcare providers (perfusionists are included) to temporarily reenter practice, details can be found here: [] The Department also created an expedited process for out of state licensees to practice in PA during the pandemic, details on that program are here: []
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PA State Medical Board Working on Licensure Updates

Board Counsel are currently working on the regulations for the change in our legislation which allows the Temporary Perfusion license to last the full 2 years regardless of any pass/fail record of the new graduate.  In addition, the Board has been petitioned  to approve a temporary extension of 6 months to all Pennsylvania Temporary Graduate…
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